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World-leading analytical laboratory with profound materials expertise

Precious metals are important industrial metals without which modern products, for example, from the automotive, chemical, medical technology, aircraft construction, oil refining, telecommunications and IT sectors, could not be manufactured. The aim is to recover these industrial metals, which have already been used, and return them to the economic cycle. AnRec is also one of the world’s leading independent analytical laboratories because we have mastered the analysis of all materials and special materials.

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© AnRec GmbH & Co. KG

We have analytical procedures in place and a high degree of materials competence to determine the content of precious metals
and other elements in the following sample materials:




Electroplating baths

Electronic scrap

Organic preparations

Chemical catalysts

Precious metal containing sludges

Stamping waste and metal strips

Automotive exhaust catalysts (AAK)

Jewellery, scrap and other high content alloys

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We help to secure the supply of raw materials in Germany

Precisely because Germany has no mines of its own for the extraction of precious metals and is 100 per cent dependent on the import of urgently needed precious metals, AnRec wants to help secure the supply of raw materials to German companies and create sustainable recovery capacities within the definition of a circular economy. For us, this is both a claim and an obligation to continuously expand our material competence even further.