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We analyse and prepare samples from primary and secondary extraction

Since its foundation in 2016, AnRec GmbH & Co KG has been operating as an independent analytical laboratory specialising in the preparation and analysis of precious metal-bearing samples from primary and secondary extraction. In the precious metals industry, determining the value of materials (primary and secondary materials) as accurately and independently as possible plays an important role, as materials are traded between parties on the basis of these analysis results. Here, AnRec is one of the leading laboratories with customers around the world.

Analyses and composition validation in the following areas:

Degree of purity
of precious metals

Fine silver, gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium…

Precious metal concentrations in samples from secondary extraction

Recycling of catalysts, electronic scrap, galvanic baths, metal strips, slags, jewellery…

Precious metal concentrations in samples from primary extraction

Ores, concentrates and intermediate products from mine extraction…

Precious metal concentrations in samples from the manufacture of products

Independent control of solder, solutions, alloys, claddings…

Since the materials usually require further specifications such as:

Designation of impurities in pure precious metal

Alloying constituents in solder materials

Moisture content in the material to be recycled

Determination of copper in the recycling of residual cable

we also a composition validation service. Our extensive technical equipment and the know-how of our experts make this possible.

Competence and
form the basis
of our success

The specialists of AnRec handle all materials containing precious metals

We are a team with many years of experience.
The basis for the worldwide success of our independent laboratory is our well-trained, competent and experienced staff, as well as complete and modern laboratory equipment. It enables us to process and analyse all the materials of our clients.
Aside from customer-related analysis, we also participate in so-called “ring analyses”, in which an unknown sample is analysed in parallel by leading international companies from the industry. They exchange their results with each other and thus ensure a high degree of comparability. This serves the quality assurance purposes of the individual laboratories and, at the same time, generates reference material.